Assign a Lesson

There are many lesson types in ThinkCERCA:

To assign any of these lessons in ThinkCERCA, you must first navigate to the type of lesson you wish to assign. Then, follow these steps to assign the lesson to your whole class, multiple classes, a group of students, or individual students:

  1. Select the “Assign” button.
  2. Choose a class or classes to assign the lesson to.
  3. Select “Next.”
  4. You will be presented with a screen that – by default – matches differentiated lessons to students’ reading levels. You can accept this suggestion or override it, assigning lessons by groups, individuals, or an entire class. You can also add or remove levels. (If a differentiated level is not available, leveled suggestions may not appear by default.)

    For example, here's what it would look like if you assign lessons based on the automatic differentiation:


    Alternatively, here's how you could adjust the levels to assign the lesson to just one student:assign-to-one-student-cropped.gif
  5. Once you're satisfied with how the lessons are matched to the students in your class, select “Next.” Assign1.png
  6. Then, you can use the calendar icon to select the duration for the lesson. (Note: You can assign the classic experience by selecting the checkbox)
  7. Select “Assign” to assign the lesson.
  8. Finally, select “View Class Planner” or “Done” to complete the assignment process.