Skills Practice Lessons


This video is a part of the ThinkCERCA Training Courses, which teachers can access while logged into ThinkCERCA.

Skills Practice Lessons are interactive lessons that provide grade-level instruction and practice in critical literacy skills. These lessons give students the opportunity to dynamically engage with texts and include scaffolded checks and graded assessments for measuring understanding.

All Skills Practices are discrete, differentiated for grades 3-12, and aligned to College and Career Readiness Standards. They can be used as both an introduction to new material or as a platform to practice and sharpen skills that have been previously taught. Skills practice lessons are especially effective when assigned in tandem with Writing Lessons geared toward each student's personal growth focus.

Where to find Skills Practices

From the Library tab, Skills Practices can be found by selecting the "Direct Instruction and Skills Practice" tab

Additionally, Skills Practice Lessons are symbolized by an icon of three building blocks. icon-CSK.svg

View this article for detailed instructions on how to assign a Skills Practice.