Direct Instruction


Direct Instruction lessons are expert introductions to standards-aligned skills and concepts. They are presented in a flipbook-style format that can be taught whole group (teacher-led) or assigned to individual students.

These lessons are leveled for grades 3-5 and 6-12 and contain built-in audio supports as well as automated assessments for gauging overall comprehension. Direct Instruction lessons introduce key skills and concepts of Common Core and other state standards, which can later be developed by engaging with ThinkCERCA’s Writing Lessons.

How to Find & Assign Direct Instruction Lessons

There are three ways to access and assign a Direct Instruction lesson:  

Select “Curriculum” from the navigation menu. Use the search bar on the right to find Direct Instruction lessons by a specific key skill or concept.

On the ELA Curriculum page, Direct Instruction lessons can be found by selecting any option under the “Scope and Sequence” section.

On the Social Studies, Science, or Math Curriculum pages, scroll to the bottom to view the “Skills Lessons & Direct Instruction” section of the page. Direct Instruction lessons will be listed alongside Skills Lessons.

View this article for detailed instructions on how to assign a Direct Instruction lesson.


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