Lesson Types in ThinkCERCA

ThinkCERCA offers several lesson types to help develop students’ literacy skills.


Writing Lessons

Writing Lessons ask students to use close reading strategies and build formal arguments around a given text. The term “Writing Lesson” replaced the term “Applied Reading & Writing lesson” in July 2018.

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Skills Practice

Skills Practice Lessons are interactive lessons that provide grade-level instruction and practice in critical literacy skills. These lessons give students the opportunity to dynamically engage with texts by highlighting and annotating and include scaffolded checks and graded assessments for measuring understanding.

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Direct Instruction

Direct Instruction lessons are expert introductions to standards-aligned skills and concepts. They are  presented in a flipbook-style format that can be taught whole group (teacher-led) or assigned to individual students.

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Custom Lessons

Custom Lessons are teacher-created lessons that allow educators to combine ThinkCERCA's framework for expressing arguments with readings and writing prompts of their own creation.

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Reading Practice

Reading Practice lessons contain high-interest, authentic informational texts — featuring videos, graphs, charts, and other visual sources —  that build up students’ discipline-specific background knowledge. At the end of each lesson, students answer five multiple-choice questions to gauge comprehension and get them accustomed to the kinds of questioning found in assessments.

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