Create a Class

ThinkCERCA makes it easy to create a class and synchronize them to your SIS or Google Classroom.

To Create a Class:

  1. Navigate to the Classes Page.

  2. Select “Create a Class.”


  3. You will be prompted to select between manually rostering your class with Class Codes, an automated process though your Student Information System (only available in partnerships with over 1000 students),  or Google Classroom. 
  4. For Class Codes, fill in basic class details, such as name, grade, subject, and duration. For an automated sync, a list of classes available will be provided in the Class Name dropdown. You will select the Class you wish to sync and fill out the remaining grade, subject, and class duration for Google Classroom.

    Create a Class (204226413)_CreateAClass

  5. Select “Save Changes” and your class will be available in the "Classes" dashboard of your profile.

NOTE: If you selected Class Codes, you will need to manually enroll students or have your school admin upload a roster

Once you create a class, share the class code with students so that they can join your class.