Transfer a Student Account into a Different School and Class

Students who have transferred from one ThinkCERCA school to another can transfer their account to the new institution via the Class Code.

Steps to transfer a student account using the Class Code:

  1. Ask the student to log into ThinkCERCA with their username and password.
  2. Ask the student to click "Add Another Class" at the bottom of their dashboard.
  3. The student will then be prompted to enter the 6-character Class Code for their new class. This code must match a class in the new school.
  4. Then, the teacher must remove the student from their previous classes so that they do not receive assignments from classes at the previous school. However, you can contact if you would like to have the student’s assignments transferred over to the new class.

Please note that attempting to add an existing student email manually will result in a “this email already exists” error.