Student Being Asked for Upgrade Code

If your students are being asked for an Upgrade Code when signing in, it could mean one of two things:

  1. The student does not have an account.
  2.  The email associated with the student account does not match what is in the ThinkCERCA system.

Student Does Not Have an Account

If you have a new student enrolled at your school and your school is not auto-rostered, you will need to manually enroll the student to your class before they are able to login.

Email Does Not Match

If after manually enrolling the student, they are not able to login, please review the email address that was entered. If there is a typo, please reach out to to update the email address.

If the email is correct and students use Google ID to login, please have the student log out of their personal Google account and log into their school account. 


If after trying the steps above, the student is still asked for an Upgrade Code, please reach out to for assistance.