Getting Started with ThinkCERCA

Teaching Remotely? Check out our Getting Started Checklist and these resources for students and families/caregivers: Remote Learning Guide for Families and Caregivers and Student Instructions - Completing a Writing Lesson & Viewing Teacher Feedback.


ThinkCERCA will help prepare students for the 21st century.  We know the world's next innovators, engineers, leaders, and artists are sitting in your classroom. How can we best prepare them for the unknown challenges of the future? 

Learn more about ThinkCERCA’s approach to helping students develop 21st century skills in this short video.


Ready to get started? Follow these steps to ensure success: 


Teacher Training Courses - Expand upon your ThinkCERCA knowledge with these on-demand courses organized into four chapters.


Get your students excited about the CERCA framework and critical thinking. Introduce why you are using ThinkCERCA to your students, and explain why critical thinking is essential in the 21st century.  Help your students understand that this is a real-world skill that goes far beyond the classroom.


Introduce CERCA and practice the framework using CERCA Ice Breakers - low-risk classroom engagement activities to help students understand and get excited about the CERCA framework.


Get students familiar with the ThinkCERCA platform.  Our “What is CERCA?” Direct Instruction lesson is a great way to introduce CERCA.

Try your first Writing Lesson!