Training Courses


ThinkCERCA's Training Courses are composed of 13 courses–organized by four topic-specific chapters–that help teachers learn more about using ThinkCERCA with recommended best practices.

In tandem with the Training Courses, teachers can also take an online quiz to receive a certification and digital badge for each chapter in the Training Courses.

How to Access

To access the Training Courses, teachers and administrators can click the drop-down menu next to their name in the top-right corner of ThinkCERCA. From there, select "Training Courses" to visit the Training Courses page.

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Courses and Chapters

Chapter 1: Getting Started

  • Course 1: ThinkCERCA Overview (video lesson)
  • Course 2: Create an Account (video lesson)
  • Course 3: Create a Class (video lesson)

Chapter 2: Experiencing Lessons

  • Course 1: Writing Lesson (video lesson)
  • Course 2: Assign a Lesson (video lesson)
  • Course 3: Skills Lesson (video lesson)
  • Course 4: Direct Instruction (video lesson)
  • Course 5: Grade a Lesson (video lesson)
  • Course 6: Access Reports (video lesson)

Chapter 3: Implementation Resources

  • Course 1: Planning and Implementation (interactive lesson)
  • Course 2: Student Engagement (interactive lesson)

Chapter 4: Grading Resources

  • Course 1: Scoring and Feedback (interactive lesson)
  • Course 2: Norming (interactive lesson)