How Do I Whitelist URLs and Handle Network Difficulties?

If you're having difficulty accessing ThinkCERCA, in full or in part, from your school's network—and you cannot replicate these difficulties when outside your school's network—it is possible that your school's network security measures are blocking access.

To ensure that your school can fully access and use all of ThinkCERCA’s features, please make sure that your school's I.T. department can confirm that the URLs found in our whitelist spreadsheet are all allowed.

If you or your school's I.T. team have any questions regarding whitelisting URLs or otherwise handling network difficulties, please feel free to contact us at

Likewise, if you are having difficulty accessing ThinkCERCA from home, we recommend that you make sure your own internet security, antivirus, and firewall software are not blocking the URLs listed in the whitelist spreadsheet.

Download URL Whitelist File