Edit a Custom Lesson

Please Note: Once a custom lesson is assigned, the grade level and content can no longer be edited.

How to Edit a Custom Lesson

  1. To find your Custom Lessons you can either do it from:
    1. The Classes tab:
      1. Navigate to the Classes page to see a list of all your classes.
      2. Click on the class you would like to create a custom lesson for.
      3. Under the “Bookmarks & More” area of your class Planner, you will see your custom lesson name.
      4. Select "View" next to your lesson name.
        Edit a Custom Lesson (360017857934)_Screen_Shot_2019-02-14_at_2
    2. The Library tab:
      1. Open the "ThinkCERCA" tab
      2. Scroll to the bottom to find the Custom Lessons row
      3. Click on the lesson representing the lesson you want to edit
  2. In the lesson detail page, select the pencil icon next to the work "Custom Lesson".
    Edit a Custom Lesson (360017857934)_Screen_Shot_2019-02-14_at_2 - 1
  3. That will open another page where you can edit your lesson.
  4. After you are done, select "Save" to save your changes and your lesson will be updated.
    Edit a Custom Lesson (360017857934)_Screen_Shot_2019-02-14_at_2 - 1 - 2