Edit a Custom Lesson

Please Note: Once a custom lesson is assigned, the grade level and content can no longer be edited.

How to Edit a Custom Lesson

  1. Navigate to the Classes page to see a list of all your classes.
  2. Click on the class you would like to create a custom lesson for.
  3. Under the “Bookmarks & More” area of your class Planner, you will see your custom lesson name.
  4. Select "View" next to your lesson name.
    Edit a Custom Lesson (360017857934)_Screen_Shot_2019-02-14_at_2
  5. In the lesson detail page, select the pencil icon next to the work "custom lesson".
    Edit a Custom Lesson (360017857934)_Screen_Shot_2019-02-14_at_2 - 1
  6. That will open another page where you can edit your lesson.
  7. After you are done, select "Save" to save your changes and your lesson will be updated.
    Edit a Custom Lesson (360017857934)_Screen_Shot_2019-02-14_at_2 - 1 - 2