Assign or Update Student Reading Levels

You will see the terms Grade Level and Reading Level peppered throughout ThinkCERCA materials. This terminology is all related, but not synonymous. To clarify:

  • Grade Level refers to a student's year in school. It is specific to the student and can only be adjusted on the School Roster (more about School Rosters).
  • Reading Level refers to the grade level at which a student is reading and can be adjusted on a per-class basis (instructions below).

For example, you might have a student who is in 3rd grade (Grade Level 3) and is reading at the expected 3rd-grade level (Reading Level 3) in a social studies class but is performing at a 4th-grade level (Reading Level 4) in an English language arts class.

To update a student's Reading Level, follow these steps:

  1. Click on “Classes” in the top navigation. You will be taken to a list of your classes.
  2. Click on the class where the student is enrolled. Once you click the class, click “Roster.”
  3. You will see a list of your students and a column for “Reading Level.” From the individual dropdowns, choose the appropriate reading level for that specific student in this specific class. This selection is automatically saved and may be changed at any time.

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