Order to Assign Lessons

ThinkCERCA offers a recommended Scope and Sequence for the English Language Arts curriculum. This Scope and Sequence is a suggested order for delivering lessons, organized in a way that ensures students develop standards-aligned skills in a meaningful and coherent process.

While the ELA Scope and Sequence is a recommendation, teachers may choose any order to assign lessons in ThinkCERCA.

Where to find the Scope and Sequence:

  1. Navigate to the Lesson Library page from the top of ThinkCERCA.
  2. Make sure “ELA” is selected as the subject.
  3. Select “View All” in the "Lesson Spotlight" row 

    ThinkCERCA _ ThinkCERCA
  4. Writing Modules will appear in a descending list. This is the recommended order to assign ELA lessons.

    ELA Curriculum _ ThinkCERCA